Where to start?


Option 1
Kitchen design service & quotation

1.We will by appointment call out to see you. At this initial discussion we will produce a design brief based on you and your families needs and "wish list". We will take measurements and photographs of the location of the kitchen and its surrounds.

To enable us to proceed with a design which will suite your purpose, we will also need an understanding of your budget. This initial meeting which is free of cost usually takes ½ to 1 hour.

By the end of the initial meeting you will be able to decide if Oppikofer Joinery can be of service to you and decide if you would like to proceed to the formal design stage.

Up until now, you have incurred no expense what so ever.

At this stage Oppikofer Joinery will require a deposit to the value of producing an initial 3D concept design.

Working closely with you we will produce a 3D design to your satisfaction and provide a free quotation to manufacture and install your kitchen.

Following your formal acceptance of our design and quotation we will request a further deposit prior to commencing detailed drawings suitable for manufacture. At this stage we will re- measure accurately the space, and incorporate your selection of appliances into the design.

Together we will work through the final drawing to ensure all items are included. The drawings will then become part of the formal agreement and manufacturing of your kitchen will commence.

Option 2
Quotation based on your design

You provide Oppikofer Joinery with detailed kitchen design drawings and the material specifications.

Based on your plans and specifications we can work out a detailed quotation for you.

Oppikofer Joinery’s quotation will reflect the accuracy of your kitchen plans provided.

Depending upon the details included in your design and the accuracy of the quotation you require. It may be necessary to develop the design further in which case option1 may be a better pathway to producing your kitchen.

If you wish to go ahead with the proposed work Oppikofer Joinery upon receiving a deposit and entering into a formal agreement, will start to draw 3D manufacturing drawings necessary for our state of the art equipment and quality manufacturing process.

We will work through the final drawing with to ensure all items are included. The drawing will then become part of the formal agreement and manufacturing of your kitchen will commence.





"Our mission statement is to deliver a project to our clients, on time and at a quality standard, that meets or exceeds their expectations, and is seen to be excellent value for money, rather than simply the cheapest price available ”


Our Kitchen Design, Laundry Design, Wardrobe Design, Space Planning (a big part of interior Design) starts from $180 +GST [1],

We provide the newest “2022 Design” in Functionality, Efficiency, Space Planning and Storage Planning. Knowledge of Working Spaces, Material Performance and Accessories, etc.

From us you get the Best Value for Money: Beautiful, Functional, Material-Price optimised Designs, with Quality Materials and Workmanship,

Bottom line – an under-Designed Space might save you some money, and you may have an interior fit-out that is shiny and new – but it may not be the best-functioning, workable space. If it has less drawers than you need, and you’re not utilising the corner areas, believe us, you’ll be kicking yourself for years to come.

Over the years we have discovered so many Booby traps in the Canberra interior designs; we solve them all at the start of our designs,

*Please note:

[1] All our Design Fees are fully redeemable when you commit to the project with us, and when we build and install the full project as designed. The fee will be deducted automatically from your quotation.