Specialized Kitchen Storage To Maximize and Organize Your Space

One of the bonuses you receive when designing a custom kitchen is the opportunity to maximize storage and organize everything exactly according to your needs.

Specialized Kitchen Storage

Specialized storage that is well designed helps eliminate wasted space in the kitchen. The storage details you select should reflect the needs of you and your family. Even if you’re not planning to remodel your entire kitchen, we have several tips and creative solutions that will make your cabinets more efficient.

We had an interesting exchange on Kitchen Designs at AWISA-Exhibition in Sydney about this topic where someone commented that the drawer inserts were way too organized. She didn’t find it liberating to have to be so neat… quite the contrast to a recent client of ours who requested her forks and silverware be stored individually so that only one can be seen at a time (I kid you not).

Therefore, the way you configure the “inside the cabinet” storage is as uniquely individual as the overall kitchen design.

The key is having a great designer that listens and understands your needs. Your space will work best when it is functional, so pay careful attention to the detailing of the interiors of your cabinetry.

Look at the details in your kitchen (or soon to be remodeled kitchen) and ask yourself a few questions. Does your kitchen storage help or hinder your organization efforts? Is it designed in a way that also helps your family stay organized? Is there a place for everything? What could you change that would make it better for the way you use the space?

Need a few simple storage solutions for your kitchen? Contact Oppikofer Joinery and we will listen and suggest the right storage solution for you.