Pyrolytic Oven/ Self-cleaning Oven

Let the oven do the cleaning for youPyrolytic Oven/ Self-cleaning Oven Canberra

A pyrolytic oven is an oven that can clean itself using high temperatures (of around 500°C) to convert food residues on the oven's interior into ash. The process of using heat and pressure to decompose organic materials into ash is known as pyrolysis - which is how pyrolytic ovens got their name.

How the pyrolytic cleaning cycle works:

Before you start a pyrolytic cleaning cycle, you will need to remove all racking, shelves, and other accessories from the oven. This is because high temperatures can buckle metal objects.

The oven door should also be wiped clean before you begin. Most pyrolytic ovens come with removable glass doors, making them easy to clean in the sink or dishwasher.

Pyrolytic cleaning cycles usually last for around 1.5 - 2 hours. For safety, the door will lock while the cycle is in progress. Once the pyrolytic cycle has competed (and the oven has reached a safe temperature), the door will unlock.

The fine ash can then be easily wiped away with a damp cloth.

Be sure to read the operating manual thoroughly before you use your pyrolytic oven for the first time.


Pyrolytic ovens are great because:

  • They save time and effort - no more scrubbing!
  • They reduce your exposure to harsh chemicals
  • There's no chance of toxic chemicals finding their way into food that's cooked in the oven
  • Fewer chemicals used in the home means fewer chemicals in the environment
  • Pyrolytic ovens are generally very well insulated, making them more energy efficient
  • Good insulation prevents the outside of the oven from getting excessively hot while in use

When buying a pyrolytic oven there are many things to consider:


Most of the pyrolytic ovens on the market have a standard capacity of around 60 litres. A 60 litre oven is the perfect choice for singles, couples, or small to medium families. 60 litre ovens will accommodate most standard-size baking trays and dishes, and most brands come supplied with baking accessories specially designed to fit.

If you have a very large family or if you do a lot of entertaining, you might need an oven with a larger capacity such as the double oven.

When purchasing a new oven, you should always take into consideration the external measurements. Please measure thoroughly before you buy to make certain that the oven will fit the space.


Different brands of pyrolytic ovens come with different features. Here are some to look out for:

Cooking functions

Fan forced cooking, traditional bake, fan grill, and defrost are all cooking functions commonly found in pyrolytic ovens. More advanced models come with special functions for pizza and bread, and others also offer an eco mode for low-power cooking.

Door cooling systemsoven miele canberra

All pyrolytic ovens come with at least 3 layers of glass in the door and some have quadruple glazing. Depending of the brand, different types of pyrolytic ovens have various kinds of cooling systems to keep the outside of the oven cool while in use. Cooling systems are important as they prevent your kitchen from becoming uncomfortably hot, and help to keep the exterior of the oven cool to the touch (which is especially useful if you have small children).

Programmable oven timers

Some ovens allow you to set the start and finish times of your cooking, making it possible to get dinner ready while doing other things. This is a useful feature if you are hosting a dinner party, as you can program the oven to cook the entrees while you're busy setting the table and greeting your guests. Some brands even have automatic cooking programs that guide you through the cooking process, making it easy to create perfect results.

Telescopic runners

Telescopic runners come standard with some models, or sometimes they can be purchased separately. These provide an 'easy glide' action for oven shelving, making cooking both easier and safer. Telescopic runners are particularly useful when basting and turning roast meat and vegetables.

Fingerprint resistant stainless steel

Most pyrolytic ovens are finished in stainless steel for a sleek, modern look. When buying an oven, keep an eye out for brands that offer mark-resistant stainless steel to prevent fingerprints and other grubby marks from spoiling the aesthetic appeal of your oven.

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