Kitchen Trends: Professional Kitchens at Home

Latest fridge/ freezerfridge kitchen canberra

No one likes to be seen as being behind the times, and the same goes for kitchens around the country.

Contemporary has become one of the most popular trends for modern homeowners, as many Australians are looking to bring a more professional feel into their kitchens.

While sleek surfaces and clean lines combine to create an aesthetic that is effortlessly modern, creating a contemporary look can be as easy as replacing your whitegoods with stainless steel appliances for an instant facelift.

Rethink your refrigerator

Gone are the days when the fridge was among the most unappealing appliances in the kitchen – new technology as well as updated styles has seen the humble food cooler transformed into one of the most impressive and important features in a kitchen.

The French door variety has become one of the most popular contemporary styles, boasting wide uninterrupted shelves large enough to store platters of food when guests come over.

The French door and Drawer Refrigerator comes with a stainless steel finish  and boasts spill-proof shelves, a NeverClean condenser and external digital controls.

If side by side fridges are more your style, there are a variety of offers that features an integrated bottle shelf, a LED light column and an automatic ice cube dispenser