Full Surface Induction Cooktop

Gaggenau, has released an extraordinary productFull Surface Induction Cooktop Canberra

The CX 480 full surface induction cooktop. Marking a new frontier for the market and yet another visionary innovation from Gaggenau, the entire surface of the cooktop is one large zoneless cooking area.

Induction cooking is fast, precise and energy efficient. With the full surface induction cooktop CX 480 Gaggenau, the leading German brand for domestic appliances, introduces a new cooktop concept to the market. The intuitive controls are operated by an extra-large TFT touch display and the full cooking surface provides unlimited flexibility, convenience and ease of cooking.

Flexibility and convenience when cooking

The full surface induction cooktop CX 480 allows cookware of any size and shape to be placed anywhere on its surface. Up to four pots and pans can be used simultaneously. The cooktop recognises the presence of a pot or pan automatically and heat is only generated where the the cookware is detected. Should the pot be moved, the cooktop registers its new position and carries on heating at the same temperature. Another pioneering technology is the booster function, which dramatically cuts the wait time to reach boiling as the heat of the cooking zone temporarily increases by 50%.

Forward thinking intuitive and intelligent controls

A large TFT touch display with a unique operating and display concept makes easy work of selecting cooking zones and heat settings with the touch of a fingertip. Promoting ease of use, a key allows users to call up operating instruction hints at any time. Another outstanding feature is the automatic recognition of the shape, size and position of cookware when it's placed on the cooktop with heat production to that spot. And if the cookware is moved, to another position on the induction surface the cooktop detects the new position.

From cooktop to Teppan-Yaki easy conversionTeppan Yaki Canberra

The GN 232 Teppan Yaki plate is a special Gastronorm accessory that gives extra choice about what you want to prepare and how.

Because the plate is made from a multi-layer material comprising: stainless steel, aluminium and alloys heat spreads evenly over the entire surface. Gaggenau's consideration of low maintenance has ensured the plate is dishwasherproof.

Innovative technology for added flexibility

"Under the glass ceramic surface of the full surface induction cooktop CX 480 there is a closely-spaced, staggered configuration of 48 micro-inductors. Unlike conventional large induction coils, this structure transforms the entire cooktop into one large cooking area", explains Stefan Köhl, Director of Product Management at Gaggenau.

It is full surface induction which makes the entire cooktop into one big cooking zone

  • It has TFT touch display - This means it has LCD touchscreen technology
  • Cookware is automatically recognized by shape, size, and position
  • Heat is produced only where it is needed
  • The booster function increases heat output by 50%
  • If cookware is moved, the cooktop detects the new position
  • Cooking settings can then be immediately transferred
  • It has intuitive operation