Designing the Kitchen With Toddlers in Mind

Cooking with a toddlerCooking with a toddler Canberra

Having a 15 month old has really got me thinking about child proofing my kitchen area all over again.  If you are lucky enough to be designing a brand new kitchen, then this post will really help you with some ideas to create a safe, practical and yet stunning new kitchen.  And for those of you who don’t yet have kids, take it from me, you will want to read this because once you do start having children, these simple steps will make life so much easier for you.

Base cabinets/ lower cabinets

Design lower cabinets to hold no breakables, keeping glasses and mugs up in top cabinets is a better option than having mosaic artwork on your brand new timber floor.

Soft close drawers

Make sure the drawers have soft close mechanisms fitted, this makes it a little harder for little ones to open the drawers hopefully deterring them from what’s inside.

Door finish/ materials

Go for a hard wearing finish to keep your new kitchen looking brand new for much longer.  A couple of great options would be laminate or vinyl finish on the doors which come in an array of colours and styles.  You can get a sleek modern look and you won’t have to worry that your brand new ktichen will be scratched and damaged, it will still look fantastic for years and and years to come.

child lock devices

Once your new kitchen has been installed, install after market child lock devices to keep little ones out of sink and laundry cabinets.  There are a variety to choose from these days and they are very easy to install and use.

Allocate a drawer or cabinet to your baby

Put tupperware and other unbreakables in there so that the child can explore this area and hopefully this will keep them out of the other cabinets.

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