caesar stone benchtop canberra

Engineered Stone Benchtops

Caesar Stone, Quantum Quartz, Essa Stone, Silestone, Smart Stone etc.

(Crystalline Silica Free, as per 'New Standard 2024')

Highly durable, food safe and low maintenance are just some of the benefits that make CaesarStone ideal for benchtops and splashbacks. CaesarStone’s superior qualities of strength, stain, scratch and heat-resistance, combined with the latest in colour & design developments mean CaesarStone surfaces will compliment any interior design and look good for years to come.

Corian benchtops Canberra

Solid Surface/ Acrylic Stone Tops

Hanex & Corian Solid Surfaces are ideal materials for residential and commercial applications because of its beauty, durability, aesthetics, design flexibility and color choices.

benchtop kitchens mitchell act

Combination Benchtops

Materials like Timber; Stone; Engineered Stone; Laminate and Solid Surface are popular choices for benchtops.You can consider different heights and materials to create a unique functional kitchen.

waterfall benchtop canberra

Waterfall Edge Benchtop

A waterfall edge benchtop is also known as an End Panel. It is the piece of stone, marble, laminate or benchtop material that runs vertically from the top of the benchtop to the floor at the end of the cabinetry.

undermount benchtop Canberrra

Under mount sink

An undermount sink cutout allows you to mount the sink from below and shape the stone to fit the contours of the sink. This gives a much cleaner and modern look.

man made stone kitchens mitchell act

Man Made Stone Benchtops

A dramatic fusion of nature, technology and art, Man made stone benchtops bring out the natural beauty of the semi-precious stones in order to create the ultimate luxury counters and countertop. Skillful engineering enhances the innate brilliance and colors of the stones through sensitive design that reinforces each individual stones’ natural hues and shades. Some of the semi-precious stones are amazingly translucent and can also be backlit for creating an added effect.

Granite benchtops Canberra

Granite Benchtops

Granite is an igneous rock (formed by heat) found deep within the Earth's crust. Once quarried, cut, polished, & sealed granite is nearly impervious to scratches, heat, etching, staining, or weathering. It is truly one of Mother Nature's most versatile and beautiful creations.

recycled timber canberra 

Recycled Timber Benchtops

Timbers originally logged by hand and drawn from the bush with bullock teams have stood the test of time due to their durability and strength. Today, the beauty inherent in these majestic old timbers inspires people to create designs that showcase the natural variations of colour and texture with spectacular results for contemporary and traditional settings. 

timber benchtops canberra

Timber Benchtops

Sleek, smooth, stylish timber has always given endless scope for individual expressions of design. There is warmth and richness to wood that is unique and will always compliment and enhance any interior.

glass benchtops canberra

Glass Top Benchtops

The glass is very tough and durable and offers you a clean, hygienic, modern, contemporary alternative to the usual benchtop finishes available on the market today. 

Marple Benchtops Canberra

Marble Benchtops

Marble is limestone that has been pressed by the earth’s pressure to produce a hard substance of crystals and beautiful lines and colors. Marble can have nearly any coloring, from blacks to white, and with a number of fantastic colors in between such as green and pink. 

Laminate Benchtop Canberra

Post Form Laminated Benchtops

With the look of a stone slab and the practical benefits of a laminate, our post form benchtops give your interior surfaces a stylish and uniquely modern edge.

Concrecte benchtops canberra

Concrete Benchtops

Very versatile, concrete is the perfect partner to timber, brick, glass and stainless steel.

“Concrete is the element that bridges the gap between minimalism and a softer aesthetic... It manages to look both rugged and urban” - Inside Out, March-April 2011