Pantry Storage Solutions

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Pantry with Inner-Drawers

Pantry units with inner pull-outs significantly increase ease-of-use. Cabinet doors open with a feather light touch. Each individual pull-out is easily opened providing easy access from both the front and the sides. Inner pull-outs always provide you with an excellent overview of your provisions. This enables you to use them up more efficiently and quickly see when something is missing and needs to be replaced.

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Pull-out Pantry

A pullout pantry system has wire shelf sides that prevent items from falling out and allow easy viewing of the contents. Pullout pantry systems must be installed perfectly level to run smoothly.

The better quality pull out pantry unit has a soft –closing mechanisms built in.

The 2-part Pantry can be the perfect storage solution: The baskets move automatically to the front, for easier access, as the door is opened.

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Walk-in Pantry

When it comes to kitchen design and layout many people feel that they need the walk-in pantry that houses everything. This is a huge mistake in modern kitchen design.

The clever kitchen layout places everything exactly where you need it without having to run from one side of the kitchen to the other.

Therefore the walk-in pantry has may be a benchtop with fixed placed appliances, etc.