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Passive House Canberra; Passivhaus Canberra; ESSENTIALLY  A NO_BRAINER TO BUILD AND TO RENOVATE YOUR BUILDING WITH THIS NEW BUILDING STANDARD FROM GERMANY: Passivehouse institute Germany - independent research institute, that has played an especially crucial role in the development of Modern Building concept; called passivhaus

In need OF A PASSIVE HOUSE DESIGN SERVICE Canberra? Passivehouse Professional? Passive House Tradesperson?


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without excessive heating and cooling bills to maintain indoor environment 20°C room temperature 365 days a year, and supplying constantly fresh, filtered air into the building (No bushfire smoke inside your home)

NZEB or Near Zero Energy Buildings

This is why there has been an important emphasis by the EU (European Union), as well as other organizations and countries to reduce the total amount of energy consumed by buildings. Starting with a reduction of the consumption to a considerable low level, until reaching almost zero amount of energy.

imagine living in a passive house which heats and cools itself, which saves signicantly on energy costs and keeps you healthy and comfortable – and helps to cut greenhouse gas emissions, slows down Global-Warming, and cuts Electrical Supply Upgrade costs in the process. 

With good insulation and close attention to keeping buildings airtight, most homes can be heated for much of the year by a combination of sunlight, waste heat from electrical appliances, and the body heat of occupants.

Ventilation is provided mechanically, but with a heat recovery system to capture heat from the outgoing air and use it to warm the incoming air. The occupants can open doors and windows as they do at a conventional building; But they should have in mind to save Heating and Cooling Energy all time. 

there is emerging evidence that health benefits result from Passivhaus Homes, probably because the controlled ventilation avoids excessive humidity and high indoor CO2 Levels, and the use of filters on the ventilation systems reduces the presence of pollen and particulates within the homes.

We have Full Training completed as:

Passive House Designer, and Passive House Tradesperson: Specialist in Healthy, Economical, Low Energy Buildings, Near Zero Energy Buildings;
(Saves Energy Bill Money, and cuts Greenhouse Gas Emissions/ slows down Global-Warming, and cuts Electrical Supply Network Upgrade costs)

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