Blum Drawer & Door Lift Systems


Soft Closing Drawer Systems

Blum drawer tandembox canberra

Tandembox Plus/ Tandembox Antaro

Tandembox Plus is a versatile system for constructing drawers, inner drawers, high fronted pull-outs and inner pull-outs of the highest quality. With the integrated BLUMOTION, the system closes silently and effortlessly. View Gallery

Tandembox Antaro is only available in White Finish. We don't like the big opening below the gallery rail; to many items can fall trough this gap. It is very common that other manufactures will sell you only this gallery rail option. We try not to sale this gallery rail option. We have different solutions for you.

Blum tandembox intivo canberra

Tandembox Intivo

Tandembox intivo creates a timelessly simple and uniform appearance when used in combination with BOXCAP, a matched add-on element for the drawer side. Alternatively, creative accents can be achieved by using BOXCOVER, in combination with almost any material. View Gallery

Tandembox intivo tip on with softclose

intivo tip on without handles (intivo tip on with softclose, are mechanically opened)

wooden drawers canberra

Tandem Wooden Drawers

The concealed runner system for wooden drawers and pull-outs, captivates with the highest quality of motion (integrated BLUMOTION). TANDEM WOODEN DRAWERS are designed for a dynamic carrying capacity of 30 and 50 kilograms, and provides impressive high stability and excellent sag values.

push topen drawer canberra

Servo Drive Drawer System

The electrical opening support system for tandembox drawers.

A brief touch or a light pull is enough - drawers and pull-outs open as if by themselves. SERVO-DRIVE offers full freedom of movement in the kitchen – with or without handles.

Or the TIP-ON system, the mechanical handle-less pull-out opening system that can be used throughout the entire living area.

orgaline cuttlery inserts canberra

Orgaline Drawer Inserts

With the ORGA-LINE system, Blum offers a high-quality inner dividing system for drawers and high fronted pull-outs. Thanks to adjustable containers, cross and longside dividers, ORGA-LINE brings organisation and overview to every kitchen. In addition, practical ORGA-LINE kitchen accessories also make many tasks easier.

View Gallery

 Blum Legrabox

Blum Legrabox pure

A linear and sleek design characterises the appearance of LEGRABOX. There is space lost: with a higher drawer-bottom gap of 24mm, compared with the previous released Blum drawer systems (Blum Antaro or Blum intivo).

Legrabox tip on with softclose

Legrabox tip on without handles (Legrabox tip on with softclose, are mechanically opened, not electrically)

 Blum Ambia Line insert

Ambia-Line Drawer Inserts

Blum Legrabox cutlery inserts are called Ambia-Line; orgaline drawer inserts do still fit into Legrabox.

The drawer inner dividing system Ambia-Line stands out on slim design; narrow frames, square Blum Plate Holder Drawer Inserts, etc.

Blum cutlery inserts ensuring perfect organisation in any living area.


Door Lift Systems

bi fold lift system canberra

Aventos HF for Bi-Fold Lift Systems

  • Ideal for higher wall cabinets because the handle remains easy to reach in any position.
  • Due to the two-part front, the space requirement at the top is low for very high cabinet heights.
  • AVENTOS HF can also be used with fronts of different heights.
flap door kitchen canberra 

Aventos HS for up & over lift systems

  • Ideal for large-area, single fronts.
  • Space requirement above the cabinet is minimised due to highly engineered movement.
  • You can also use cornice or crown moulding with AVENTOS HS.
Aventos lift system canberra

Aventos HL for lifting flaps

  • Ideal for applications in high or wall cabinets with fronts above as well as recessed cabinets.
  • Well-suited for small-area, single fronts.
  • AVENTOS HL can be used to hide appliances
flap kitchen doors canberra

Aventos HK for stay lifts

  • Ideal solution for low cabinet heights in the wall cabinet.
  • AVENTOS HK requires only a small amount of space at the top due to the pivot action.
  • No hinges are required.
blum aventos kitchen canberra

Aventos HK-S for small stay lifts

  • Ideal solution for small cabinets, e.g. over the larder unit or refrigerator.
  • AVENTOS HK-S requires only a small amount of space at the top due to the pivot action.
  • No hinges are required.
servo drive kitchens canberra 

Servo Drive for AVENTOS

With the SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS electrical motion support system, the use of lift systems is turned into a special experience: Whether a bi-fold lift system, up & over lift system, lift up or stay lift – a light touch on the front for opening and a simple press of a button for closing is all that's required. SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS – opens, closes, automatically.