Corner Cabinet Kitchen Solutions

twin corner pullout kitchen canberra

Twin Corner Pull-Out Unit

An effortless under bench swing pull out which is perfect for concealed corners. The dual movement shelves gives you even more access than ever before, with minimal bending and reaching.

Lemans kitchens canberra

LeMans Corner

Bring the back of the cupboard to you. The LeMans pull-out corner system’s controlled and perfectly fluid movement is sure to impress. It is the only corner cabinet solution that allows high space utilisation within the cupboard as well as easy accessibility. The standard LeMans unit is supplied with 2 pull-out shelves. Where more space is available, 3 and 4 shelves can be fitted, creating unparalleled design and storage.

swing pull out kitchen cabinets canberra

Waricorner Swing Pull-Out Unit

With the Waricorner machanism, concealed shelves slide up for easy visibility and access.

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SYNCROMOTION is a great solution for putting a TANDEMBOX SPACE CORNER cabinet in a kitchen with tight reveals. Forget about mitering drawer fronts!
When drawers are opened, the SYNCROMOTION-equipped fronts fold inward to enable the drawer to be opened without interfering with the adjacent fronts. When closed, the fronts return to their original position.

Lazy susan cabinet kitchen canberra

Lazy Susan

Kidney-shaped lazy susans work with corner cabinets Shelves rotate independently to keep items within easy reach.