Our top tips

There is so much to consider when embarking on a renovation, take time to ask these questions

Think about why you are renovating – is it for resale or for the long term?

Does your quote include everything?

IE -check measure, removal of old kitchen, installation of cabinets, internal fittings, benchtops, installation, wiring, plumbing, plaster patching & recornicing, splashbacks, flooring, rubbish removal and delivery

If you wish Oppikofer Joinery can assist you with your assessment of quotations and the quality of the product.

Ask questions of the designer &/or the company’s experience

What are the lead times?

Think about what you dislike about your existing kitchen - is the lack of storage and bench space a constant problem? - the footprint just doesn’t work - nowhere to eat

What you do love about your existing kitchen?

  • - light, airy
  • - wall oven

Make a wish list for your new kitchen

These may/may not all be possible but will help your designer get inside your head.

For example:-

  • - island bar
  • - wall oven or two ovens
  • - corner drawers
  • - workspace for a computer/homework/pay the bills
  • - access to outside entertaining area
  • - walk in pantry
  • - incorporate a laundry
  • - more storage
  • - more benchspace

If more storage is a wish, think about what you want to store

  • - small appliances (keep the biggest one in mind)
  • - pots/pans
  • - bakeware & trays
  • - spices - wine / alcohol
  • - cook books
  • - pantry items

Collect tear sheets from design and kitchen magazines, you will be surprised how a trend emerges

Make sure the design firm is qualified to do what they say they can

Ask about the warranty and after sales service

Take measurements of your space and jot down where the doors and windows are situated? Then think about what your new look will be. Will it be modern or more traditional? Gloss, Matt or textured doors, patterned or plain doors, laminate or Stone benchtops? What type of appliances do you want, freestanding oven, wall oven or underbench?

Bring your ideas to our showroom in Canberra and our Design Consultant will be more than happy to assist you every step of the way. Advice is free so please ask! 

1. Don't pay too much for a low quality kitchen. Buy value for your money.

Because you don't buy a new kitchen every day - most people don't really know how much a new kitchen should cost. You can easily find yourself paying far too much and price does not equal quality.

We understand real quality and our buying power and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes mean that your dream kitchen is more affordable than many companies will tell you.

So, ensure you speak to Oppikofer Joinery before making any decisions about your new kitchen.

At Oppikofer Joinery, the quality and savings are GUARANTEED.

2. Don't be pressured into accepting a deal at your first appointment.

Alarm bells should start ringing if you're presented with a "special" deal that must be accepted on-the-spot. This old fashioned sales trick prays on those customers who don't know how much their new kitchen should cost and prevents them from obtaining an alternate quote. Whilst the salesperson's offer may sound extremely compelling, a better deal is always available.

3. Ensure you get a detailed quote.

Don't purchase your new kitchen before obtaining a quote that itemises every detail. Your quote should specify the number and type of cabinets in your new kitchen as well as the exact finishes and hardware that you require. Oppikofer Joinery will provide you with a transparent, itemised quote and you can be confident of receiving the kitchen you expect.

4. Make sure you see examples of any potential supplier's work.

You should have the opportunity to view a potential supplier's work in their showroom. Quality of cabinets and hardware can vary considerably between manufacturers. A positive, first hand inspection of a potential supplier’s work will give you confidence to proceed .

Oppikofer Joinery provides you with ample opportunity to view our quality products in our extensive showroom displays.

5. Safety first – beware of inferior imported products.

Imported, cheap Chinese cabinets and stone benchtops are claimed to comply with Australian standards, but you'd never know. These materials can discolour over time and may contain dangerous levels of carcinogenic formaldehyde.

The best way to ensure that your kitchen provides a stylish and safe environment for you and your family is to buy a kitchen manufactured with Australian produced materials which meet Australian Standards and are backed with warranties from solid Australian companies.

6. Buy your kitchen from a kitchen manufacturing specialist.

These days, you can buy kitchens at hardware stores, furniture shops and other kitchen resellers/agents but you'll always get the best product, price, expertise and service if you deal directly with a kitchen manufacturing company. The staff at Oppikofer Joinery have specific knowledge of design, materials and construction techniques that are rarely found elsewhere.

What's more, you're supporting local manufacturing! The money stays in Canberra and supports your local community!

7. Only buy a made-to-measure kitchen.

Get the cabinet sizes and styles that work best for you and your home, not the standard sizes that suit a supplier. Only a made-to-measure kitchen can maximise the storage space and functionality of your new kitchen. A kitchen made from standard sized cabinets and filler panels to make it fit your space is an unneccessary compromise.

8. Use a kitchen supplier who really listens to your needs

You need to be comfortable that your kitchen supplier is listening to you. Many kitchen salespeople will tell you about the style and layout and cost of your new kitchen without fully understanding your needs. You will notice a Oppikofer Joinery salesperson asks more questions, as we aim to gain a crystal clear understanding of your preferred style, layout and budget first and then offer our advice and expertise in order to achieve your goals.

9. Only deal with qualified cabinet-makers and stone-masons

Always ensure that your kitchen is manufactured and installled by appropriately qualified tradespeople. Many kitchen suppliiers today outsource the manufacturing of the components to companies that mass manufacture for many kitchen suppliers. These companies employ people that are not qualified tradespeople, and do not have control, or implement the supervision necessary to produce a first class quality kitchen.

It typically takes the coordination and supervision of 10 to 15 trades to manufacture and install a kitchen.

Oppikofer Joinery has it’s own workshop containing state of the art computerised equipment. This ensures that the manufacture of a kitchen is fully supervised to achieve the highest standard available. Oppikofer Joinery as available to it all necessary trades to fully manufacture and install your kitchen

10. Is your salesperson working on commission?

Many kitchen suppliers use commission-based salespeople to sell their products. Commission-based salespeople will often inflate the price of your new kitchen or recommend finishes that don't meet your requirements in order to maximise their personal return. The Oppikofer Joinery team does not work on a commission basis. We directly employ and train our own staff who are able to focus solely on meeting the needs of each individual customer.