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Storage-Location kitchen canberra

Ergonomically recommended storage levels for various items

In general, frequently used items should be stored in easy-to-reach pull-outs near work areas as well as on the first level in the wall cabinet. Seldom-used items end up on the top level of wall cabinets and at the bottom level of base cabinets. This simple principle saves a great deal of time during daily kitchen work.

Drawers-in-Cabinets kitchen canberra

Avoid shelves in Base cabinets

By planning drawers and roll-outs instead of shelves, you can do away with damaging bending and kneeling. You can easily remove storage items using a natural lifting movement.

Work-heights kitchen designer canberra

Adjust work heights to your height

The work heights in your kitchen should suit your height not the other way around. Also be aware that different activities require different work heights.

Oppikofer Joinery will ensure that the height of your kitchen benchtop and other kitchen components are ergonomically designed and manufactured.



Motion kitchen design canberra

Motion – comfortable for everyone

Cabinets, which open easily, run smoothly even when there is a lot of weight in the drawer, and have a soft and silent close, are the mark of a beautiful and functional kitchen. Because of quality hardware there is a higher comfort when using your cabinets, which contributes to the overall ambience of your kitchen.

Not everything that looks alike, is the same. The differences are in the details.

By choosing Oppikofer Joinery, you can make sure your kitchen works with you now and in the future.

Storage-space kitchen designer canberra


How can you make the most of the available space in your kitchen? Consider using wider cabinets with deep drawers to store things like plates, plastic containers, mixing bowls and strainers. Or, think about adding an interior roll-out to a deep drawer to store smaller, seldom used items. Also, look at cabinet differences; different construction methods can offer more, or less, accessible storage space.

Workflow kitchen designs canberra

Workflow – everything where you need it

An organized kitchen saves time, distances, and frustration in the kitchen. By contacting Oppikofer Joinery: Learn more about the importance of a smooth workflow for your kitchen, and how workflow is much more than cabinet arrangement.

Smooth workflows, enough storage space and better motion in your kitchen - that's Oppikofer Joinery's idea of the ideal kitchen. If you plan these things ahead of time, you'll have a kitchen that will be more enjoyable for years to come!

5-Zones kitchen canberra

Planning in five kitchen zones

All well planned kitchens start out by first planning the individual kitchen work zones. The five kitchen zones include: Consumables, Non-consumables, Cleaning, Preparation and Cooking. Their allocation and setup are then customised to your personal requirements and workflows.

Age-Explorer kitchen design canberra

physical limitations

Know today what your requirements might be tomorrow.

Buying a new kitchen today is usually a big purchase that is often very difficult to change later on. A kitchen lasts on average approx. 20 years and, therefore, should be suitable for personal requirements.


Design Principles

Beat Oppikofer, Director of Oppikofer Joinery, has designed & installed kitchens professionally for more than 20 years. We use many well-formulated design rules to ensure the best possible outcome for your kitchen and detailed joinery.

If you contact Oppikofer Joinery, we will discuss some of the design principles and guidelines that will make your kitchen more efficient, safer, and a pleasant atmosphere to work in.


Design Boobytraps

Good design is about solving problems in creative, intelligent ways. Poor "design" often creates more problems that can spoil your enjoyment of your new kitchen for years to come. An important aspect of good design is awareness of the many booby traps that lie in wait for the unskilled, inexperienced or unwary.

Too often, these booby traps are glossed over with makeshift "solutions" that simply delay the inevitable.