Wardrobes Canberra

Wardrobes Canberra

In need of a Wardrobe service Canberra?

Oppikofer kitchens and joinery are Also your expert in Wardrobes in Canberra.

Wardrobes Canberra

Wardrobes Canberra by Oppikofer Joinery are designed to get more useful space as other Canberra wardrobe company's do.

We design und built aesthetic beautiful and functional wardrobes.

An Oppikofer Joinery built-in wardrobe combines a sense of external style with a smart internal storage design, as we do with our 

smart kitchen designs.

Our skilled designers are all trade qualified cabinetmakers, they will customise your wardrobe, whether it be a built-in wardrobe or walk-in wardrobe, to both your décor and storage needs. And, of course, we always use top-grade materials and use our own experienced cabinetmakers for installation to ensure your Canberra wardrobe by Oppikofer Joinery will offer you years of style and quality service, both inside and out.

We can design and fit your wardrobe anywhere across Canberra and the Queanbeyan Region.

Wardrobe service Canberra

Oppikofer Joinery provides a Canberra wardrobe service which will place your mind at ease when undertaking your next wardrobe renovation, space organisation project. 


Canberra wardrobe


  • Sliding Door Wardrobes with Softclose Mechanisms
  • Hinged Wardrobe Doors
  • Open Wardrobes
  • Visible Glass Door Wardrobes
  • Walk in Wardrobes
  • Wardrobes for Business Woman and Men
  • Kidz Wardrobes
  • Child Wardrobe Cabinets
  • Falt Down Bed Cabinets
  • Wall Bed Cabinets with Storage
  • Linen Cabinets
  • Laundry Storage Cabinets
  • Cleaning Accessory Storage Cabinets
  • Frameless Sliding Wardrobe Doors
  • Framed Sliding Wardrobe Doors
  • We can custom design and built any style

Canberra Wardrobe


  • Melamine Door Wardrobes
  • Timber Door Wardrobes
  • Timber Veneer Door Wardrobes
  • Stainless Steel Door Wardrobes
  • Metal Door Wardrobes
  • Mirror Door Wardrobes
  • Glass Door Wardrobes
  • High Gloss Door Wardrobes
  • 2pac Painted Door Wardrobes
  • Plywood Door Wardrobes
  • Bamboo Door Wardrobes
  • Custom Designed Door Wardrobes

Wardrobe Canberra

Wardrobes in Canberra

We can design and fit your wardrobe anywhere across Canberra and the Queanbeyan Region. 

With so many low end wardrobes in Canberra, it is difficult to find a wardrobe designer that listens to your real personal wardrobe needs. We at Oppikofer Wardrobes are specialised wardrobe designers and wardrobe builders. We make smart design und material decisions. You will not loose any of your wardrobe functions or style.

If you are after a wardrobe designer with many years experience, a little smart when it comes to wardrobe design ideas catered to our local market or if you would just like some friendly advice regarding cost, materials or design, please feel free to call our office on 0414 785 323.

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