Kitchen cabinet lighting is an important aspect of how a kitchen can be more efficient and more enjoyable for all those that use this hub of the home.

kitchen lighting canberraLighting deserves more consideration than what one would think, especially for the chef of the home who needs to have light in front of you, rather than behind you, casting shadows.

Consider the colour that you want to throw on the picture, a yellow glow or a sharp white light and if a dimmer would be suitable for this area.

  • LED’s may cost more upfront, but will substantially reduce the cost of your power bill.
  • LED lighting tracing fitted under and around overhead cupboards will give your new kitchen an edge, making it look “cool” plus of course, adding more light.
  • We can pimp your kitchen out, or we can just add a subtle glow.
  • These LED lights can come in different colours and even flash should you want to have a disco theme night!

LED strip lighting placed underneath overhead cupboards is very effective offering extra lighting for that task or prep area that is in a corner and does not get the full potential from the down lights in the ceiling.

Internal lighting in overhead cabinets with glass doors gives you a nice opportunity to show off your favourite glassware.

Down lights throughout the kitchen area are ideal, taking particular care with placement over the sink, cook top and preparation area. Ideally, you want an even distribution of light with little or no shadowing. It is a good opportunity to get all your power points checked or replaced too in the kitchen while there is an electrician in your presence.

Taking this all into consideration will help you decide what type of fixtures you want, and where to put them when planning the layout of your new kitchen with our designer.