Electrical Lift Systems

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Kitchen TV lift

Let family and guests watch TV while you’re cooking dinner or entertaining and then simply lower the TV when you’re through to gain more space on your kitchen table or island. Imagine always having your favorite recipes on hand or cook along with your favorite cooking show as you watch your beautifully mounted TV lift display. 

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Kitchen cabinet lift

Make your everyday life easier and more comfortable. The kitchen lift is perfect for raising and lowering an entire cabinet or the cabinet interior up and down. Move ovens, microwaves, touch screens and shelves in order to place them out of sight or within easy reach for improved accessibility.

Benchtop-Lift canberra

Customise the bench height

Different heights of users require different working heights. Experience the pleasure of adjusting and Working at the right height.

Iteam-Benchtop-Lift canberra

Hide away: One unit – two functionalities

Raise parts of your kitchen island whilst preparing meals to get easy access to tableware. Transform the functional block kitchen into a sociable kitchen simply by lowering the shelving unit into the kitchen worktop when it is time to mingle with the guests.

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Wheelchair users, can work comfortably and safely

Height-adjustable solutions provide the added advantage that users can participate in working and other joint activities irrespective to differences in mobility and physical ability. In the height-adjustable working environment, standing and seated users, including wheelchair users, can work comfortably and safely.