Cabinet Materials

Melamine mdf kitchen designer canberra

Melamine MR-MDF with  edges

Moisture resistant substrate MDF overlaid with a coloured melamine finish on both sides. The surface provides a pre-finished hard surface that is ready to cut to size at the joinery workshop and the exposed edges are covered with 1mm or 2mm edgetape, easy to maintain, and is stain and scratch resistant.

high gloss kitchens kitchens mitchell act 

Pre-manufactured high gloss MDF sheets

Pre-manufactured high gloss panels will add a statement to your project. Available in a range of colours and woodgrains the near mirror finish looks stunning whether used for the entire job or mixed with other finishes and colours as a contrast. If you don’t have the budget for custom 2pac painted gloss panels, may be you like these 1mm edged panels.

edged kitchen doors canberra

Digitally printed Edgetape

A newly developed technology enables individual motifs (logos, photos, messages, graphics) to be printed onto thermoplastic edgetape for the first time. They allow personalisation, individuality and identification.

vinyl kitchen design fyshwick act canberra

Thermoformed doors - Vinyl Wrapped Doors

One of the biggest benefits of vinyl wrap doors is the fact that they are so versatile. The MDF panels that the vinyl is attached to can be designed to a number of profiles, from simple flat doors through to doors with ornamental routing. The vinyl itself comes in a large range of colours including solid and wood grain colours and the finish can be smooth, textured or even gloss. The back of the door is usually pre-laminated with melamine.

painted kitchen canberra

2-pac polyurethane painted doors

The 2Pac painted doors and panels are available in any colour. The colour can be matched to suit your taste and style. This is a very modern and popular choice. The doors and panel are either left plain or moulded to suit a modern contemporary look. The doors and panel are finished in a high quality Satin or Matt or Gloss finish.

hand painted kitchen doors canberra

Hand painted doors

Hand painting is the process to make a new door looking old: Heritage style. Or make an unique texture, grain, pattern, etc.

Everything is sealed with a high durable polyurethane finish.

timber veneer canberra

Timber veneer doors

Timber veneer is another European design trend which is gaining in popularity. Timber’s naturally soft feel can be used to create warmth in a modern design landscape of cold, hard surfaces. It comes in a variety of imported and local species, and can be finished in soft lacquer or clear polyurethane.

Reconstructed Veneers: Man made patterns – created by artificially reconstituting and dying natural timbers.

solid timber act canberra

Solid timber doors

Solid Timber Kitchens, while not as “trendy” as they were in the past, are still a very popular choice with our clients. While other colours and styles tend to drift in and out of fashion, a well designed and well finished Solid Timber Kitchen will look as good in 15 years as it does the day it was installed.

aluminium doors canberra

Aluminium framed glass doors

Aluminium framed doors can be used to defy natural and conventional surfaces while still retaining a softer look with a touch of sophistication. Married with internal lighting these doors can create stunning effects. Aluminium framed doors can have an array of inserts from toughened glass to Perspex and even laminated or coloured panels. They come in a variety of frame styles.

Mirror door kitchens mitchell act

Mirror doors

Mirrored kitchen doors are a nice addition for depth and light in the kitchen.

kitchen glass door canberra

Glass door and drawer fronts; minimised framed or frameless  

Glass doors are usually framed to protect the glass edges. One of the European trends is to have frameless glass doors or drawer fronts and bring the same colours what we have in the glass splashbacks into the kitchen panels.

mesh panels canberra

Perforated Mesh Panels

Whether you are looking for an industrial feel, or have concealed speakers? Oppikofer Joinery can offer a solution to your requirements.

outdoor kitchens canberra

Weatherproof cabinets

What ever you need: a Alfresco kitchen, BBQ cabinets, outside storage cabinets... Oppikofer Joinery has the right materials for indoor and outdoor constructions.

stainless steel kitchen canberra

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel and other metals are used for benches, splash backs, doors, drawer fronts and kick boards. It also can be used as feature element for your kitchen and detailed custom joinery.

 Caesarstone Drawer Front canberra

Limitless materials and custom design

What ever materials and design the costumer decides, Oppikofer Joinery can manufacture your dream kitchen and detailed joinery solutions.

 White HMR canberra

Cabinet Carcases

All cabinet materials are 16mm high moisture resistance (HMR) particle board (white melamine coated).

We do not compromise in quality

All sheets are manufactured in Australia and are rated as first class products.