Before the renovation starts

Getting Kitchen renovation ready

With years of experience renovating homes we’ve compiled a list of things to do before the first cabinet is removed.

Before the cabinetry arrives think about the best enclosed place to store the new cabinets and appliances. Somewhere safe away from the actual renovation space. Usually the garage is ideal, or a separate dining room or spare bedroom.

In the days or weeks before start day, get cooking. Prepare microwave friendly dishes that your family will eat. Dig out that old electric frypan, as well as your rice cooker or slow cooker you’ll be glad you did! Sort out what stays and what goes from your kitchen. This is a great opportunity to ‘spring clean’. Then label your boxes, careful to note the fragile ones and store out of the way.

Plan a location outside of the immediate renovation space to act as your temporary kitchen. The laundry is often a popular temporary kitchen – at least you will have running water and a power source. If you are renovating the laundry simultaneously then the bbq is a great alternative. Failing that, trim up with lots of salads, bought roast chickens or embrace the opportunity to eat out a little more or order in pizza and other take away food.

Don’t forget

  • The fridge – move it somewhere accessible where there is a power source!
  • Kettle & Toaster
  • Pack a box with some everyday items eg. butter, vegemite salt & pepper, favorite spices, tea, coffee (don’t forget the coffee machine!)
  • Cutlery / Utility utensils, such as: can opener, bottle/wine opener, sharp knives, and microwavable dishes
  • Microwave (for those frozen home cooked microwave meals)
  • Do you lose your dining area – where will you eat?
  • Tell the kids you’re picnicking…try using use paper plates & napkins as well as disposable cutlery.
  • Cleaning supplies and tea towels
  • If you’re really lucky you pay be able to temporarily move everything you need…except the kitchen sink. Consider where your “water source” will be in relation to your temporary kitchen.